2Receive QuotationWe will send you your quotation, based on the info you provided.
3After approvalIf you have approved the quotation and given the go ahead, please note your booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit payment.
4If Treatment was excepted If you have indicated that there is grass there or weeds, and you have excepted the treatment on the quotation, we will go to site and do  the treatment for the unwanted plants, and have a site meeting with you, and consult and investigate all your options before the final installation is done.
5NoteBut you have the option not to do the treatment  for old lawn or weeds, but you will be taking the responsibility for weeds after installation.
6Treatment of WeedsAfter the treatment is done, we will be on site with in two weeks to do the installation
7InstallationWe remove all unwanted plant material
  We turn the soil, about 15cm deep
  We put good organic food, manure / compost in to the soil and work it in 15cm deep.
  Next we do the levels for your grass , to make sure it work with your paving, and you don’t have water problems later on, with puddles or water running onto your paving.
  Next is the magic, the grass
  After all the grass sods have been placed, and watered thoroughly, we use a roller to flatten / press the roods in / iron it for you, for a nice flat look.
8Hand overHand over into your capable hands.
9InstructionsDon’t worry, we will give you all the necessary instructions, you need to follow, to insure you have a nice, beautiful and health lawn.
10EstablishmentIt take two weeks for a new lawn to be established, providing all instructions were followed. 
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